Human Resources Services

HR Strategic Management

With an HR Strategic Plan, we can assist you in integrating HR management strategies that link to your overall strategic plan to achieve business success.  

  • Having a clear organizational structure in place provides accountability and clarity at every level, helping individuals and teams become more efficient and productive
  • We can help develop a positive workplace culture, assist with recruitment, job satisfaction, and team building while reducing workplace stress
  • We are able to help prepare and support your employees through change management to embrace and adopt changes to processes, job roles, technology, and organizational structure

Legal Compliance Processes, Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures are essential components of an organization. Universal Human Resources can assist in developing or updating your HR policies and procedures, helping to establish structure, consistency, and fairness in your workplace, as well as ensuring understanding, compliance, and reporting within employment regulations and standards.

  • We are able to produce policies and procedures with explanations so that management and supervisory staff understand the “how to apply.” As a result, employees know what is expected of them, enabling them to understand the benefits of working for the company
  • We can create, review or update Employee Handbooks for your business
  • We are able to help your business stay current with the numerous employment-related laws and regulations

Employee Relations

We provide employee and labour relations advice and guidance to help you resolve difficult situations while assisting with the analytical, investigative, and problem-solving process.

  • We help you to understand employment standards and workplace health and safety legislation and regulations
  • We are able to help create an inclusive workplace that is respectful and welcoming of diversity
  • We are able to help with employee engagement strategies that improve productivity and efficiency, creating engaged employees that are happier, enthusiastic, and motivated, reducing employee turnover
  • Positive workplace culture improves teamwork, boosts morale, attracts talent, drives engagement, and increases productivity and efficiency
  • We are here to help with employee retention strategies
  • We are able to help manage relationships by assisting with team-building strategies in the workplace. This improves communication and better relationships, leading to increased productivity
  • We provide guidance and coaching on how to have a difficult conversation

Performance Management

Performance Management maximizes the productivity and efficiency of your staff by setting and achieving strategic goals.  

  • We help you build a positive and supportive workplace culture
  • Assist with or design and implement a performance management program
  • Provide a collaborative process for setting goals and reviewing employee performance by helping communication between employees and management
  • Assist the manager or supervisor with documenting performance objectives identified in the employee’s work plan and the measures to be used to assess achievement
  • Help employers and employees resolve work performance issues
  • Coach managers and supervisors on how to address situations with their staff
  • Assess and manage employee performance by setting and communicating clear and realistic performance expectations, while also providing coaching or discipline advice if needed
  • Assist with developing training goals to improve performance
  • Assist with letters of expectations, discipline and termination letters, severances, and releases
  • Assist with conflict resolution, discipline issues, attendance management, layoffs, termination, and exit interviews
  • Conduct investigations, collect information, analyze and verify facts
  • Can facilitate training and development workshops
  • Can provide assistance with training activities and employee development programs, improving employee performance, satisfaction, and morale

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are the foundation for many functions within a company including recruitment and selection, training, onboarding, compensation, and performance reviews.  

  • Universal Human Resources is able to create or update job descriptions and/or provide the guidance to help you develop your own


There has become a greater need to classify jobs and fit them all within a structured system to ensure that people are being compensated fairly.

  • We can assist in determining the value of a job relative to all the other jobs within the organization
  • We are able to recommend and determine classifications and salary band / ranges ensuring internal equity and external competitiveness

Health & Wellness and Workplace Safety

There is a strong connection between the health and well-being of people and their work environments. When people feel valued, respected, and satisfied in their jobs and work in safe, healthy environments, they are more likely to be more productive and committed to their work.  

  • Able to assist with Disability Management
  • We collaborate with management and employees regarding short and long-term disabilities, return-to-work and workplace accommodations, WCB claims, and absenteeism
  • We are able to coordinate with employees, benefit and insurance providers (consultants and coordinators), and health care providers (physicians, therapists, specialists)
  • We can help you take all reasonable actions in creating and maintaining a psychologically healthy and safe workplace. This boosts employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity while reducing health costs, employee turnover, and lost work time