Workforce Planning, Recruiting, and Talent Acquisition

Workforce Planning Strategies

Workforce planning should start with your business objectives in mind. We are able to assist your business to ensure you have the right people with the right skills at the right time to meet your strategic goals and operational plans.

Talent Acquisition

We are here to help you develop a strategic approach with a long-term view by building relationships and anticipating your future hiring needs.

Recruitment & Selection

With our extensive hiring experience, we are able to help with the recruitment and selection process of obtaining, finding, screening, shortlisting, and selecting the right candidates for your vacant positions.

We Can

  • Post Positions
  • Review resumes by paring down qualified candidates based on your needs and the job description
  • Provide clients with a variety of interview questions appropriate for the posted position
  • Assist in evaluating (pre-screening) and shortlisting applicants for interviewing
  • Conduct initial phone interviews
  • Provide a basic understanding of behavioural interviewing techniques and assist in the interviewing process
  • Conduct Reference Checks

Succession Planning

Many organizations need a strategy to retain the knowledge and expertise that makes their company successful. Succession Planning is a structured process that plans for the development and replacement of key employees over a period of time.

We can help identify key positions and high potential employees, look at replacement challenges, technical expertise, geographic location, and other factors for attraction and retention to construct a course of action.

On-Boarding and Orientation

We can help to establish a process for integrating new employees into your organization. This process provides your new employees with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to become successful and productive.